Contract Manufacturing Services


From Vision to Customer

Looking for a full service company to help you develop and manufacture your custom product? CHLABS offers complete contract manufacturing services to your specifications. From product concept to customer, we offer you the single best solution to your manufacturing, packaging, labeling and shipping needs. CHLABS is your one stop resource — helping you minimize risk and cost while ensuring the highest quality products and return on investment.

For Private Label Vitamins, Nutraceuticals, Herbal Supplements and custom products, we manufacture most product formats, including powders, tablets, chewables, capsules, liquids and creams. We can analyze and test for the potency of minerals, natural herbs, vitamins, and nutraceuticals and help you turn your product visions into reality.

CHLABS has over 45 years of experience and is innovating new ways to compete in today’s dietary supplement and healthy living nutraceuticals market. This is evidenced by our new state of the art campus in Gardena, California, consisting of over 40,000 square feet of manufacturing and administrative space, strategically located in Los Angeles County, gateway to the world markets.


What we do

CHLABS manufactures vitamin preparations, dietary supplements, nutritional therapy products, skin care products, vitamin supplements and more. We offer a complete aray of packaging and re-packaging services. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.


Private Label Products

CHLABS has added many exciting new items to our growing list of branded nutraceuticals, cosmeticals, and healthy lifestyle products.

Contact us if you are interested in a private label version of any of our branded products.


Global Reach

CHLABS has manufacturing facilities and offices across the globe, including Ireland, France, Japan, China, Korea and Mexico. Wherever you’re located, chances are we have a location near you.

Contact us for more information.